When we imagine,
it becomes reality | Cellbig

Cellbig a company that creates new experiences and values by combining various technologies and creative ideas.

Established with the idea of “What we imagine becomes reality,” we imagine what is beyond the border and make the imagination reality based on our accumulated know-how and original technical skills.

People who think ahead and challenge the future come together to create new values beyond the experience until now.




  • 2019-Present

    • Establishing <Smart Village AR Shopping Mall>, Gangjin, Jeollanam-do
    • Developed <5G-based Intelligent Cloud Fitting System>, Hidden Makers
    • Developing <AI-based Real-time Human Pose Technology and System>
    • Established <Goryeong Daegaya Living Village Digital Heritage>
    • Developed <3 Types of Indoor Realistic Sports Contents>
    • Promoted <Smart Education Experience Zone Content> project, UANGEL
    • Released <Sand Craft> Rumi version
    • Innovative growth for the value creation of small giant ICT companies - Selected as a company that creates excellence and values in the IT industry
    • Promoted the establishment project of “10 billion-won joint venture with Yancheng City, China”
    • Selected as an innovative growth company by Woori Bank, winning “1 billion” investment on January 2019
  • 2013~2019

    • Established <Gangjin Celadon Museum, Digital Heritage>, Gangjin, Jeollanam-do
    • Launched indoor digital theme park content brand <Fanta Box> (Gwangju, Sejong, Jinju, etc.)
    • Developed LGU+ IPTV Children’s Country 2.0 AR contents
    • Selected as a small and innovative INNOBIZ No. 180103-00265
    • <AR Digital Majak>, development and distribution business
    • <Sand Craft>, selected as a recommended Korean product by Korea International Trade Association
    • <Sand Craft>, overseas distribution business (China Suntree/US Systemku)
    • Developed augmented reality sand game 3D sandbox <Sand Craft>
    • Developed rhythm action game <Lava Beat>, Tuva Co., Ltd./WeGames Co., Ltd.
    • Selected as a development supplier of <Smart TV Motion Recognition Content>, Samsung Electronics
    • Distributed <Taekwon Star> to Taekwondo studios across Korea, I-Gym Sports
    • Developed kinetic functional game <Taekwon Star>
  • 2006~2012

    • Signed an overseas publishing contract for <Tourde Star>, ICE Games in US
    • Developed an online game linking prototype for <Kids Online Bike, CO-1400>
    • Developed medical online game system <Cellbike>
    • Developed functional bicycle racing game <Tourde Star>
    • Developed an arcade game for export to Japan (Bandai Namco Games, Yamasa Group in Japan)
    • Established Cellbig Interactive Co., Ltd.